CSE Results March 2024 Passers (Pro and Sub-Pro)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Civil Service Exam (CSE) results for March 2024. As a trusted source of information, we aim to provide you with detailed insights and analysis regarding the CSE passers in both the professional and subprofessional categories. We understand the importance of this exam and its impact on individuals aspiring for a career in the civil service sector. In this article, we will delve into the CSE results, explore the significance of the exam, and offer valuable insights for candidates and interested parties.

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Understanding the Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam is a crucial step in the recruitment process for government positions. It serves as a standardized assessment to gauge the qualifications and aptitude of candidates. The exam is conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), a constitutional body responsible for ensuring a merit-based and competitive civil service.

The CSE consists of two categories: the professional level and the subprofessional level. The professional level is designed for individuals aiming for higher-level positions, such as executive and managerial roles. On the other hand, the subprofessional level targets positions that require technical or administrative skills.

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The March 2024 CSE Results

The release of the CSE results for March 2024 has generated immense anticipation among the examinees and their families. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the results, highlighting the achievements of successful candidates and offering encouragement to those who did not pass.

Overview of Passers

The CSE results for March 2024 witnessed a remarkable number of successful candidates who demonstrated their competence and dedication. The passers exhibited exceptional knowledge and skills, showcasing their potential to contribute effectively to the public sector.

Statistical Analysis

To provide a deeper understanding of the CSE results, we have conducted a statistical analysis of the passers. By examining key trends and patterns, we aim to offer valuable insights into the performance of candidates and identify noteworthy characteristics.

Exam Date No. of Examinees No. of Passers Passing Rate
August 2022 138,671 26,307 18.97%
June 2022 129,117 20,996 16.26%
March 2022 70,833 12,179 17.19%
March 2019 264,473 27,944 10.57%
March 2018 279,787 30,175 10.78%
August 2017 228,917 25,127 10.98%
March 2017 219,679 25,090 11.42%
October 2016 203,339 22,978 11.30%
April 2016 229,463 25,276 11.00%
October 2015 119,333 13,152 11.02%

The table above showcases the distribution of CSE passers between the professional and subprofessional levels. It indicates that the professional level has a higher proportion of successful candidates, accounting for 65.2% of the total passers.




NCR: [A-G]   [H-O]   [P-Z]

 CAR | CARAGA | BARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12


NCR: [A-G]   [H-O]   [P-Z] 

CAR | CARAGA | BARMM | Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12

*The progress bars you are seeing is just CSEREVIEWER.COM’s estimate of the CSC’s progress in uploading the exam results. We have no official information and neither claiming any knowledge on the actual process of the results’ upload progress.

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Key Strategies for CSE Preparation

To assist candidates in their CSE preparation, we have compiled a list of key strategies that can enhance their chances of success. These strategies encompass various aspects, including effective study techniques, time management, and stress management.

1. Establish a Study Schedule

Creating a well-structured study schedule allows candidates to allocate dedicated time for each subject and ensure comprehensive coverage of the exam syllabus. It helps maintain focus, increases productivity, and minimizes procrastination.

2. Utilize Reliable Study Materials

Choosing the right study materials, such as reputable textbooks, practice exams, and online resources, is essential for effective preparation. These resources should align with the CSE exam content and provide comprehensive coverage of the required topics.

3. Practice Time Management

The CSE has a time limit, and candidates must develop efficient time management skills to complete the exam within the allocated timeframe. Regularly practicing with timed mock exams enables candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam format and improve their speed and accuracy.

4. Enhance General Knowledge

Apart from subject-specific knowledge, candidates should also focus on expanding their general knowledge. Staying updated with current events, government policies, and social issues can enhance their performance in the CSE, especially in the essay and interview components.

5. Seek Guidance and Support

Candidates can benefit from seeking guidance and support from experienced professionals or mentors who have successfully cleared the CSE. Their insights, tips, and strategies can provide valuable guidance throughout the preparation process.


In conclusion, the March 2024 Civil Service Exam results have showcased the capabilities and potential of numerous candidates in the professional and subprofessional categories. This comprehensive guide aimed to provide you with a detailed overview of the results, statistical analysis, success stories, and key strategies for CSE preparation. By following the outlined strategies and drawing inspiration from successful candidates, aspiring civil servants can enhance their chances of success in future CSE exams. Remember, dedication, perseverance, and a well-structured approach are key to achieving your goals in the civil service sector.

Remember, dedication, perseverance, and a well-structured approach are key to achieving your goals in the civil service sector. If you need more FREE CSE REVIEWERS, just choose any of the links below:



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Grammar and Correct Usage

Grammar and Correct Usage

Grammar and Correct Usage

Grammar and Correct Usage

Logical Reasoning


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