Civil Service Exam Tips and Advice

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Want some Civil Service Exam tips? If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already registered for the Civil Service Exam. Congratulations on completing the first step in landing a job in the government. Next step, pass the exam. While the actual test is not that hard, it will greatly help if you take all the necessary preparations for the big day. You did not go through all that trouble submitting all the Civil Service requirements just to fail, right? So how do you confidently pass the test? By reviewing, of course,on and not just by memorizing many CSE answer keys. Check out the list below because they can improve your chances of passing or even getting the best possible score you can in the CSC Eligibility Exam.

Effective Tips for Passing the Civil Service Exam

Civil Service Exam Tips
This checklist will help improve your chances of passing the Civil Service Exam.


  • Unless you are a very fresh graduate, you will have to brush up on your knowledge. Reading the best online Civil Service reviewer is a great tool to jump-start your brain and recall all those English and Maths lessons you’ve learned from years back. Luckily, there are also CSE answer keys included on this site so you can check your progress.
  • Study the coverage. The Subprofessional and Professional have different scopes. Make sure you are studying for the right test. This is one of the best Civil Service Exam tips you should remember.
  • Focus on the item that you are having trouble with. If you are not so good at Math but can do English even if you are asleep, then review more Mathematical problems. If it’s English that you like more, then focus on Math. Don’t forget the other topics though as they are as important in passing the test.
  • There are plenty of free reviewers online, which means you will need to be connected to the internet via wifi or mobile data. Please don’t be so thrifty to the point that you are relying only on free data when reviewing. Don’t hesitate to buy mobile data bundles or promos to use when you are reviewing. It is worth it.
  • On the week before the test, JUST REVIEW. Set aside those hobbies and unnecessary rituals so you can concentrate on learning and sharpening your knowledge. You can get back to your regular habits once you pass the Civil Service Exam.


  • To be able to take the exam, you obviously have to be at the school or testing center you were assigned to. The Civil Service Commission will send a notification of the address where you have to go so don’t lose it. It would be a great thing if you can check out the location of that particular center on Google Maps.
  •  Once you know the exact location of your testing center, if possible, go there a day or two before the actual examination. Doing so will familiarize you with the routes you have to take, how many times you have to commute, and how many minutes or hours you have to allot in order to arrive there.
  • Speaking of getting to your assigned testing center, you should try your best to arrive there early. It is one of the many Civil Service Exam tips you need to do. Getting to the test center 30 minutes or even an hour before the gates open will make you feel relaxed. Moreover, you will have time to take breakfast and review some more before the Civil Service examination starts.
  • There will be a lot of waiting time because of the preparations being made by the test instructors. Make good use of it by going to the restroom or by brushing up on your review materials.
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Civil Service Exam Tips During Exam

  •  Follow instructions. Listen and pay attention to what your instructors are saying. They will always tell you what to fill out and what not to fill out. Don’t open the test booklet until the instructor told you to do so. Likewise, don’t return the test booklet until the instructor says it. They will also announce what time you will start and what time the exam will end.
  •  Avoid shading excessively. Just shade the best answer lightly on the paper. Never shade everything and answer only the items with questions. NEVER leave a question unanswered.
  • Be wary of the time. If you feel that a question is too hard, skip it and move on to the next item. Just remember that you have to get back to it so you can answer it later.
  • Before you submit your answer sheet and questionnaire to the instructor, make sure that you did not miss any questions. Our last Civil Service Exam tip is to allot at least 5 minutes of your time for double-checking your answer sheet

Doing the tips above will ensure that you are totally prepared and ready when you take the CSC examination, thus letting you have an easier time during the test. The Civil Service exam results will be posted on the official website of the Civil Service Commission. Good luck and congratulations in advance. I hope all these tips will make your examination experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Of course, you have to combine these tips with actual reviewing. Below are all the FREE CSE reviewers you will ever need to pass the Civil Service Exam in just one take. Good luck!

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