CSE Analogy Reviewers

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All the CSE Analogy reviewers are here as it is included in the Civil Service professional level exam. You should know that the analogy test is both challenging and time consuming. Also, this is where your ability to spot the relationship of the given words will be tested. With that said, the free Civil Service Analogy reviewers included here features some of the toughest word and pictures test exercises. That way, you’ll get used to answering hard analogy questions which will prepare you in the upcoming CSC Eligibility exam.

Free CSE Analogy Reviewers

One of the keys to getting the correct CSE Analogy answers is understanding the word meanings. Therefore, analyzing the relationship between words, ideas, and phrases in the given set of words makes this part of the exam easier. Basically, you are given a set of words which share a specific relationship. Once you get used to spotting these relationships, you will be able to pass the Civil Service exam in one take.

Tips in Passing the Civil Service Analogy Exam

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Analogies can be tricky for anyone that’s why it’s important to have strategies. Having so will enable you to have a better chance of choosing the correct answers. With that said, here are a few tips to help you pass the Civil Service Analogy exam easily.

1. Practice, practice and more practice

The only way to become better at anything is to practice and the same is true for verbal analogies. You can do this by finding old tests with the answers, or find examples in textbooks. Free Civil Service Exam reviewers with analogies are also a great help when it comes to passing the CSE Analogy exam.

2. Keep track of time

The CSC Eligibility exam’s time limit is not very long. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the time so that you can attempt all parts of the test. If you’re having a hard time with a certain analogy question, skip it and then answer it later.

3. Learn the main types of relationships

Determine the thought and relationship between the first set of words. After doing so, apply the same thought and relationship among the choices for the next set of words. The main relationships found in these free CSE Analogy reviewers are:

– Purpose: This means that “A” is used for “B” the same way that “X” is used for “Y”.

– Cause and Effect: This means that “A” has an effect on “B” the same way that “X” has an effect on “Y”.

– Part to Whole (individual to group): This means that “A” is a part of “B” the same way that “X”is a part of “Y”.

– Part to part: “A” and “B” are both parts of something the way that “X” and “Y” are both parts of something.

– Action to object: “A” is done to “B” the same way “X” is done to “Y”.

– Object to action: “A” does something to “B” just as “X” does something to “Y”.

Synonym: “A” means about the same as “B” and “X” means about the same as “Y”.

– Antonym: “A” means about the opposite of “B” and “X” means about the opposite of “Y”.

– Sequence: “A” comes before (or after) “B” just as “X” comes before (or after) “Y”.

– Place: “A” and “B” are related places just as “X” and “Y” are related places.

– Magnitude: “A” is greater than (or less than) “B” and “X” is greater than (or less than) “Y”.

– Grammatical: “A” and “B” are parts of speech related to each other-noun to noun, adjective to noun, etc.-in the same way that parts of speech “X” and “Y” are related to each other.

4. Use elimination techniques

Sometimes the best way to answer difficult analogy questions is by doing elimination. Only one of the given answer choices will be correct. By striking out the least probable choices, you will be left with fewer options. Doing so in these Civil Service Analogy reviewers will make it easier for you to find out the right answer in the actual CSC eligibility exam.

5. Improve your vocabulary

Some questions in the analogy test may be related to common or rarely used words. You should read regularly if you’re aiming to improve your vocabulary. Try to find websites, applications, books and free CSE reviewers that contain the commonly occurring words in different analogy tests.

Free Civil Service Analogy Reviewers

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Now that you know the important pointers in answering the CSE Analogy exam, you can proceed to some exercises. Test your analogy skills by choosing any of the free Civil Service Analogy reviewers below. Remember to take your time to understand every post for you to have a better grip on analogy.

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