Free CSE Analogy Mock Test

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Here is another free CSE Analogy practice test that you can answer to sharpen your cognitive thinking. Please remember that the Analogy test portion in the Civil Service Exam can be considered as a mind-twisting type of test. It requires great verbal analysis and deciphering the logical meaning(s) of the connection between the words in the question. One thing that can help you have an easier time with these types of questions is to expand your vocabulary.

CSE Analogies Made Easy

Free Civil Service Analogy Exercises.

These might be single-word only analogy questions but they still offer enough challenge. It is written that way so that you will be ready for any Civil Service Analogy questions when you take the exam. So without further ado, here is the free CSE Analogy mock test that you can answer without any time limit.

1. cricket : bat :: hockey : _______

    1. field            c. player            e. base
    2. stick            d. ball

2. miserly : cheap :: homogeneous : _______

    1. alike                c. extravagant            e. rude
    2. unkind           d. friendly

3. coal : heat :: wax : _______

    1. bee                 c. floor            e. light
    2. energy           d. candle

4. skew : gloomy :: slant : _______

    1. positive           c. desperate             e. glee
    2. foible              d. gloaming

5. obscene : coarse :: obtuse : _______

    1. subject                     c. obstinate             e. stupid
    2. fascinating              d. obscure

6. reading : knowledge :: work : _______

    1. empowerment                     c. experiment                  e. employment
    2. experience                           d. engagement

7. woods : acorn :: orchard : _______

    1. peach                     c. prairie                  e. orange juice
    2. thicket                   d. apple seed

8. picture : blurred :: knife : _______

    1. keen                        c. wealthy                  e. shiny
    2. painful                   d. blunt

9. breeze : gale :: trickle : _______

    1. lull                            c. forage                  e. cascade
    2. plunder                   d. sunshine

10. light : turn off :: rumor : _______

    1. start                            c. hear                  e. plummet
    2. squabble                   d. quash

Before you continue with these free CSE analogy questions, make sure to analyze if the group of words given are synonyms, antonyms, parts, or whole. That way, you will have a higher chance of choosing the correct answer. You may now continue…

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11. friendship : rift :: society : _______

    1. haven                            c. schism                       e. party
    2. meeting                        d. manifesto

12. tide : ebb :: moon : _______

    1. flow                            c. roam                        e. sink
    2. shine                          d. wane

13. mansion : haughty :: shack : _______

    1. old                             c. modest                        e. run-down
    2. large                          d. wealthy

14. food : morsel :: money : _______

    1. wealth                              c. greed                        e. pittance
    2. mansion                          d. splurging

15. SHALLOW is to DEEP as INSIPID is to _______.

    1. OSTENTATIOUS                              c. PUNGENT                        e. CLANDESTINE
    2. HUGE                                                 d. BORING

16. FOR is to LOBBY as AGAINST is to _______.

    1. SUPPLICATE                              c. FORGO                                      e. INVEIGH
    2. UPHOLD                                     d. INGRATIATE

17. SLOPPY is to METICULOUS as EPHEMERAL is to _______.

    1. CONTINGENT                              c. STREWN                                e. INCONGRUOUS
    2. GERMANE                                    d. DURABLE

18. FUNNY is to HILARIOUS as TRUE is to _______.

    1. OBLIQUE                                      c. FORTHRIGHT                        e. HACKNEYED
    2. AXIOMATIC                                 d. URBANE

19. SMOKE is to ACRID as REMARK is to _______.

    1. INTEMPERATE                          c. PONDEROUS                           e. MANDATORY
    2. SCATHING                                  d. JUDICIOUS

20. RANK is to INSIGNIA as DISHONOR is to _______.

    1. STIGMA                          c. SNARE                           e. ARRAY
    2. POISE                              d. SHROUD

Once you are done with all the questions, you can click any of the social media buttons below to reveal the answer keys.

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So there, I hope you at least got 17 answers correct. If you need more CSE Analogy practice, then head on over to this double-word test that also comes with answer keys.


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