CSE Double-Word Analogy Test

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Here’s a CSE double-word analogy reviewer for those of you who are looking to sharpen their analogy skills. Finding out the answers to double-word questions is one of the harder parts of the Civil Service exam. You have to have a decent amount of knowledge in vocabulary as well as know the relationships of words in order to ace this test. Take a look at some word relationship that you should know before taking a word analogy quiz.

Synonym: benevolent : kind
courage : bravery
Antonym: hot : cold
loose : tight
Cause and effect: rain : flood
virus : flu
Association: addition : addend
chef : toque
Degree: hut : mansion
glance : stare
Sequence: preschool : grade school
engagement : marriage
Function: net : fishing
scissors : cutting
Characteristics: cheetah : fast
snow : cold


Here’s an example of a double-word analogy. It is important to know the relationship between words and their particular order as shown below;

finger : hands

A. car : road
B. petal : flower
C. daughter : mother
D. monitor : data center

The relationship that is shown in the example above is called a part to whole relationship. In the example, finger is part of the hand. A finger is also an important part of the hand. We can see that among the choices, only letter B, petal and flower have the same relationship. When answering CSE double-word analogy tests, always remember that order is important. If the question is part-is-to-whole, the answer should also be part-to-whole.

Civil Service Exam Double-Word Analogy Questions

Now that you know what to look for in a double-word analogy question, let’s head on over to some exercises. Answer the questions below so that you will have more experience in analogy. Doing so will help you have an easier time tackling this part of the Civil Service Exam. Don’t forget to write your answers in a sheet of paper so you can check them later.


1. ______ is for slow as cheetah is for ______.

  1. insect/cat                     c. snail/fast
  2. tiny/furry                    d. speed/lion

2. ______ is for horse as hyena is to ______.

  1. farm/jungle           c. tame/wild
  2. zebra/dog              d. tiger/wolf

3. ______ is to geometry as equation is to ______.

  1. square/algebra                 c. math/symmetrical
  2. complicated/equal          d. teaching/fitting

4. ______ is to aristocrat as sewer is to ______.

  1. snob/filthy                     c. sophistication/stench
  2. millionaire/street          d. castle/rat

5. ______ is to meter as gram is to ______.

  1. measure/weight          c. millimetre/kilogram
  2. gauge/balance             d. volt/nickel

6. ______ is to requirement as remiss is to ______.

  1. position/respect             c. task/accomplish
  2. duty/negligent               d. injury/protect

7. ______ is to pint as minute is to ______.

  1. quart/second                c. gallon/days
  2. volume/hour                d. liter/time

8. ______ is to foal as to cow is to ______.

  1. duck/gander          c. horse/calf
  2. rooster/game        d. cat/feline
9. ______ is to soup as to goblet is to ______.
  1. tureen/wine                c. fork/mug
  2. napkin/pilsner           d. bowl/plate
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10. ______ is to sound as to volt is to ______.
  1. weight/calorie                   c. distance/area
  2. weather/temperature      d. volt/electricity
11. ______ is to months as four is to ______.
  1. date/year                         c. calendar/counting
  2. quarter/twelve               d. week/number
12. ______ is to ankle as shoulder is to ______.
  1. stomach/heel          c. hip/wrist
  2. belly/chest               d. big/small
13. ______ is to classic as young is to ______.
  1. cool/small                c. rock/old
  2. history/baby            d. band/future
14. ______ is to many as some is to ______.
  1. large/sometimes          c. everywhere/more
  2. all/none                         d. less/enough

15. ______ is to poetry as to conversation is to ______.

  1. book/scolding          c. Shakespeare/radio show
  2. story/drama             d. prose/song
16. ______ is to marsupial as to monkey is to ______.
  1. moose/chimpanzee                          c. honeybee/yellow jacket
  2. opossum/ape                                     d. furry/hairy


17. ______ is to active as to static is to ______.

  1. stationary/dynamic                    c. statics/gymnast
  2. helium/participation                 d. air/smart


18. ______ is to bright as to melt is to ______.

  1. dazzle/heat          c. dull/freeze
  2. ice/color               d. light/liquid


19. ______ is to bread as to clay is to ______.

  1. oven/building             c. sugar/road
  2. wheat/brick                d. plant/soil


20. ______ is to rope as to dagger is to ______.

  1. tailor/ax                    c. thread/sword
  2. stitch/needle            d. sailor/captain

Once you are done with the questions, check out the answers below by clicking any of the social media buttons.

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So there you have it. I hope you got at least 17 correct answers in this CSE Double-Word Analogy exercise. If you need to practice more, then these free Civil Service Analogy reviewers will be a great help.


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