CSE Paragraph Organization Reviewers

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Welcome to THE CSE Paragraph Organization reviewer. This section will help you get familiar with all the strategies needed to arrange separate sentences into a coherent paragraph composition. Since this part of the Civil Service Exam is one, if not the most time-consuming, it is best that you prepare yourself for these types of questions. Having a sharp reading comprehension is a big advantage when answering paragraph organization questions included in any CSE reviewer.

CSE Paragraph Organization Reviewer

You should know that a paragraph is a collection of sentences within a piece of writing connected by a single focusing idea. Most Civil Service Paragraph Organization reviewers will teach you about topic sentences, which announce the main idea. After that, some supporting sentences are included which build support for that main idea. Lastly, a concluding sentence that summarizes and recaps what you just read. That is basically how that part of the Civil Service Exam work.

Paragraph Organization Tips and Tricks

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Every paragraph, story, or article has a pattern. The CSE Paragraph Organization test gives you a jumbled article and it’s your goal to arrange them. You have to organize the whole pattern to present the main thought chronologically. Also, don’t forget to watch out for signal words, which are;

Cause and effect:

  • Because, hence, thus, therefore, consequently, subsequently

Order or sequence:

  • First, second, third, first and foremost, afterward, then, next, at last, until, finally, lastly

Comparison: Similarities and differences:

  • But, however, on the other hand, than, likewise, nonetheless, nevertheless, similarly, oppose to, apparently

Read all the sentences while trying to find the topic sentence

  • The topic sentence of the CSE Paragraph Organization is unique because it can usually stand on its own and it states what the paragraph is all about

Locate the supporting sentences

  • You can do this by organizing the ideas logically through clues in context and sentence construction

Find the concluding sentence

  • It is usually the final thought or conclusion and marks the end of the article presented in the Civil Service Paragraph Organization exam.

More Paragraph Organization Reviewers

The following entries are all free CSE Paragraph Organization reviewers that you can answer online. The answer keys are also included so you can immediately check your answers.

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