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The CSE Paragraph Organization or arranging separate sentences into a coherent paragraph composition is probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the Civil Service Exam. Here are some tips so that you won’t have a hard time answering these types of questions. Moreover, this entry will help you analyze all the details in this paragraph organization sample test. You have to arrange the five sentences below in their correct order. Please read them thoroughly before continuing.

Civil Service Exam Organizing Paragraph

A. College boys, men in their 30’s and grandfathers would spend money just to get a hold of their favorite video game.
B. Actually, even my brother who is already 45 years old has a new Playstation 4.
C. Collecting video games has become a very popular hobby among grown men nowadays.
D. Indeed, what they say is true, a hobby is a hobby and has nothing to do with age.
E. Moreover, our rich cousin who is already in his late 50’s just came back from the States with a limited edition Nintendo Switch.

Identifying the first sentence

Knowing what sentence comes first is very important in the CSE Paragraph Organizaton questions. Keep in mind that the first sentence is the topic introduction. If we look at the sample sentences above, sentences B, C, and E cannot be the topic introduction sentence. You will see that they start with the words “actually”, “indeed”, and “moreover” respectively. These are clauses that refer to “something” that has already been introduced. Hence, we are only left with sentences A and C to choose as the topic introduction.

So from the looks of it, sentences A and C are both good choices for the introduction. However, notice that all of the sentences talk about video games which is obviously the topic. In A, the subject of the sentence is “college boys, men in 30’s, and grandfathers which is not the topic. Sentence C on the other hand, talks about collecting video games. Therefore, the first sentence is C.

Locating the second sentence

The second sentence will usually state more details about the first sentence. Looking at the paragraph once again, sentences A and B are the ones qualified. Now if we look at the first sentence, it is talking about “grown men”. We can clearly see that sentence A talks more about the first topic introduction (sentence C) more than sentence B. Moreover, if we place B as the second sentence, we will not find any spot to place sentence A later. Therefore, the second sentence is A.

The third sentence

For the third sentence in our CSE Paragraph Organization test exercise, the speaker may talk about her brother (B) or her cousin (E). This is more rational because previously mentioned are grown men, then college boys and then men in their 30’s. Notice that the author is talking about a topic from general to specific. Now, (B) and (E) may be interchangeable, but looking at the beginning of the sentences, the word “in fact” is more appropriate as the third sentence. Therefore, the correct answer is B.

Fourth and last sentences

After we have chosen the third sentence, it is clear now that sentence D is the conclusion to the paragraph. We also see that the phrase “moreover” in sentence E supports the idea that old people( in late 50’s) are collecting video games. So sentence E is fourth and sentence D is last.

Therefore, the correct order of the above question is C-A-B-E-D.

CSE Paragraph Organization Reviewer Exercises

OK, now that you have a general idea on how to arrange sentences, it’s time for some actual exercises. Here is a bunch of Paragraph Organization test you can answer so you could prepare for the Civil Service Exam. Determine the proper arrangement of the sentences to make out a paragraph which conveys complete thought. Capital letters before each sentence will be your guide in working on the exercises.

A. The experience of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) serves as a model for government successful program.
B. The American and the Taiwanese have already established business in the area.
C. The American pull-out operations from Subic is a blessing in disguise.
D. The government pins its hopes on volunteerism of Subic people.

          1. DCBA      2. DACB      3. BCDA     4. ABCD      5. CDAB

A. Academic freedom ensures independence and self-direction among scholars and institution.
B. We need not debate on its importance for the protection and existence of a healthy academic,
C. Education Act of 1980 recognizes this fact.
D. The academic needs academic freedom for its healthful existence.

          1. BDCA      2. BDCA      3. CADB      4. DBCA      5. ADBC

A. Although the government is willing to put resources to education, alone, it cannot do the job.
B. Education Act of 1980 provides an all-encompassing activity with participation at all education levels and sectors.
C. The private schools gave to be partners.
D. The Act not only strengthens but equips DECS with its regulatory and development tasks as well.

          1. BACD      2. ABCD      3. DBCA      4. CADB      5. BCDA

A. To the young, it means new, easy and relevant.
B. Against all odds, quality of education should mean prioritizing the needs of the system.
C. Consequently, to them, what is old and difficult to learn is not worth striving for.
D. Quality education means education that is useful, utilizable and profitable.

      1. CADB       2. DACB      3. DBCA      4. BDCA     5. BCAD

A. Education is a vital instrument of change.
B. It is hoped that before the end of the present century, language spoken is better understood and appreciated.
C. This means the strengthening of a nation through a common language spoken by the people.
D. The bilingual policy is a necessary force for the unity of the Filipinos.

      1. ABCD      2. CDBA      3. DBCA      4. BACD       5. CABD

A. A responsive educational system should be directed towards regional cooperation.
B. Commonality of educational objectives should be replaced by better ways of achieving goal that fit the regional needs.
C. It is necessary to revolutionize the contemporary methodologies in the teaching-learning process.
D. The educational goals should seek for a better way of experimentation in teaching strategies and technologies.

      1. ABCD      2. ABDC      3. BCAD      4. DABC     5. ADCB

A. Many innovations without proven results and follow up evaluation are educational wastes.
B. One wonders in the final analysis if these changes have been deeply rooted on the basic problems of the people they serve.
C. Some curricular changes are mere fads without foreseeable achievements.
D. What is needed are innovations that overcome the mis-education of the young.

      1. BACD      2. ACDB      3. ABCD      4. CBAD      5. BDCA

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A. The type of non-formal education to offer depends on what clientele to serve and the locality where they live.
B. The clientele targets of non-formal education are the adults without formal education but who are still productive, the school-age youth, dropped-outs, and those without access to formal schooling.
C. First, second and third categorizing will be planned.
D. Regional strategies for the development of target clientele are a must.

      1. CBAD      2. BADC      3. BACD      4. CABD      5. ADCB

A. By trying, man learns to solve his problems thru satisfying acts and eliminates action which are annoying.
B. He used a hungry cat in a puzzled box where it tried ways to get out in order to get the food.
C. Eduard C. Thorndike’s connectionism theory of learning establishes the trial and error way to learn.
D. He established the fact that like the cat, man, too, learned by trial and er.
E. Thorndike’s animal studies came up with the law of exercise and the law of effect.

      1. ACBDE      2. BACDE      3. EACDB      4. ABCDE      ADCBE

A. Before, his religion was basically involved with rituals and ceremonies.
B. The religion of the teacher helps him in reducing his fears and uncertainty.
C. His religion responds to his need for a means to allay his fears about the uncertainty of events contrary to the natural law.
D. Religion is important because it provides spiritual nourishment for his total being.

      1. ABCD      2. BACD      3. DBCA      4. CBAD      5. DCAB

A. It makes the one who receives it happy and welcome.
B. It spreads gladness everywhere.
C. A spontaneous smile happens quickly, yet its effect is lasting.
D. Everyone needs to be smiled at, yet many find the act too much to give.
E. When a person smiles, he gives much and gets nothing.

  1. The last statement should be ___.
  2. The second statement to the last should be ___.
  3. The third to the last statement should be ___.
  4. The last statement should be ___.
  5. The first statement should be ___.

A. But, many people do not know that not all painkillers alleviate pain.
B. Patients consult their doctors, expecting to be treated with some kind of medicine.
C. Most patients thought they were short-changed if the doctors inform them they suffer from psychogenic.
D. Many of these patients get angry if the doctor tells them nothing is wrong with them expect momentary pain.
E. Most painkilling drugs are prescribed to kill pains.

  1. The second statement should be ___.
  2. The fourth statement should be ___.
  3. The third to the last statement should be ___.
  4. The last statement should be ___.
  5. The first statement should be ___.

A. They fail to realize that is when they are hurt do they become stronger.
B. Of course, their intentions are primarily just to prevent them from being hurt.
C. Overprotective parents deprive their children of the chance to see harsh realities of the worlds they would eventually face.
D. Parents should realize that their children need space to grow in all aspects.
E. There are some things which have to be learned rather than taught.

  1. The first statement should be ___.
  2. The third statement should be ___.
  3. The second statement should be ___.
  4. The last statement should be ___.
  5. The fourth statement should be ___.

A. His service is too weak and his backhand needs to work.
B. John thinks it’s that easy to play tennis.
C. He has been playing for 7 years now and he still has to improve on some aspects of the game.
D. If only John would improve his game more than bragging about how he thinks it’s easy to play tennis.
E. He can’t win any tournament because of this drawbacks.

  1. The first statement should be ___.
  2. The fourth statement should be ___.
  3. The third statement should be ___.
  4. The fifth statement should be ___.
  5. The second statement should be ___.

A. Then, I came to realize that by quitting it would seem like starting something and not finishing it.
B. When I quit my job, I had mixed emotions.
C. It is not that easy just to give up something.
D. But I came to realize that some things are more important than pride.
E. At first, I’m glad that all those hardships connected with my work were finally over.

  1. The last statement should be ___.
  2. The first statement should be ___.
  3. After the third statement should come ___.
  4. The second statement should be ___.
  5. Before the fourth statement should come ___.


Civil Service Exam Paragraph Organization Answer Keys

After you are done with the exercises above, you can view the answers by clicking any of the social media buttons below.

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So how did you do in this test? I hope you got at least 13 correct answers. You can refresh this page and try again so that you’ll be familiar with the process. Also, visit this free Civil Service reviewer for more info about paragraph organization.

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