CSE Logic Mock Quiz

This CSE Logic mock quiz will put your logical reasoning capabilities to the test. Remember that the ANALYTICAL part of the Civil Service Exam, which Logic is part of, has a weight of 35% when the final score is tallied. The logical reasoning section is designed to assess an examinee’s ability to think critically and solve problems systematically. Questions often involve patterns, sequences, relationships, and logical deductions, requiring test-takers to employ both inductive and deductive reasoning skills. Mastery in this section demonstrates a candidate’s potential for clear and structured thinking, which is crucial for various roles in the civil service.

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CSE Logic Mock Test

Preparation for the logical reasoning section should focus on practicing different types of logic puzzles and familiarizing oneself with common logical fallacies and problem-solving techniques. It is beneficial to approach each question methodically, breaking down complex problems into simpler parts to find the correct solution. Timed practice tests can also help in managing the pace and ensuring efficiency during the Civil Service Exam. A strong performance in this section not only boosts the overall exam score but also reflects a candidate’s readiness to handle the analytical challenges faced in governmental positions.

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CSE Logic Mock Quiz Questions

This quiz consists of 15 carefully crafted questions designed to challenge and enhance your logical reasoning skills, a crucial component of the Civil Service Exam. As you work through these questions, you’ll encounter various types of logic puzzles and analytical problems that will test your ability to think critically and solve problems efficiently. Remember, acing this section is essential as it contributes significantly to your overall score. Take your time, think methodically, and best of luck!

1. Anna is taller than Betty. Cindy is shorter than Dana, who is taller than Betty. Betty and Cindy are taller than Emily. Who is the shortest?

  1. Anna                                 c. Cindy
  2. Betty                                 d. Dana                            e. Emily


2. Tom is faster than Jerry. Sam is faster than Tim, who is faster than Jerry. Jerry and Tim are faster than Bob. Tom is as fast as Tim. Who is the fastest?

  1. Tom                                   c. Tim
  2. Jerry                                  d. Sam                                  e. Both Tom and Sam


3. A corporate meeting was called. Alex arrives before Bob. Cindy arrives after David, who arrives before Bob. Bob and Cindy arrive before Eva. Who arrives last?

  1. Eva                                      c. Bob
  2. David                                  d. Cindy                               e. Alex


4. If dog is called cat, cat is called mouse, mouse is called bird, bird is called fish, fish is called lion, lion is called tiger, and tiger is called dog, what would be the animal that meows?

  1. Dog                                      c. Mouse
  2. Cat                                       d. Bird                                     e. Fish


5. If apple is called banana, banana is called cherry, cherry is called date, date is called elderberry, elderberry is called fig, fig is called grape, and grape is called apple, what would be the fruit that is yellow and curved?

  1. Apple                                               c. Cherry
  2. Banana                                            d. Date                                               e. Elderberry


6. If winter is called spring, spring is called summer, summer is called fall, fall is called monsoon, monsoon is called dry, and dry is called winter, in which season do flowers typically bloom?

  1. Winter                                      c. Fall
  2. Spring                                      d. Summer                                              e. Monsoon


7. Which word does not belong with the others?

  1. Sonata                                           c. Concerto
  2. Symphony                                    d. Sonata-allegro                              e. Opera

8. Which word does not belong with the others?

  1. Hammer                                 c. Wrench
  2. Anvil                                        d. Chisel                                               e. Screwdriver


9. Which of the following does NOT belong with the others?

  1. Lithium                                   c. Helium
  2. Neon                                        d. Argon                                          e. Krypton


10. There are four women lined up: Alice, Alicia, Alyce, and Alise. Alice is between Alicia and Alise. Alicia is between Alyce and Alice. Alyce is not the first in line. What is the four women’s arrangement in the line?

  1. Alise, Alice, Alicia, Alyce
  2. Alise, Alicia, Alice, Alyce
  3. Alicia, Alice, Alyce, Alise
  4. Alyce, Alice, Alicia, Alise
  5. Alyce, Alicia, Alice, Alise


11. There are five different colored cars lined up in a row: Green, Yellow, Red, Black, and Blue. The Blue car is between the Red car and the Green car. The Yellow car is between the Green car and the Black car. The Red car is not last in line. What color is the car in the middle?

  1. Red                                           c. Green
  2. Blue                                          d. Yellow                                          e. Black


12. In a race, there are five animals: Cheetah, Rabbit, Turtle, Horse, and Dog. The Rabbit finishes before the Cheetah but after the Horse. The Horse finishes after the Turtle. The Dog finishes after the Cheetah. Who finishes fourth?

  1. Cheetah                                       c. Rabbit
  2. Turtle                                           d. Horse                                       e. Dog


13. Four people are standing at a crossroad. They need to cross a bridge at night. They have one torch and the bridge can hold only two people at a time. Person A takes 1 minute to cross, person B takes 2 minutes, person C takes 5 minutes, and person D takes 8 minutes. When two people cross together, they must go at the slower person’s pace. What is the shortest time for all four to cross the bridge?

  1. 15 minutes                                    c. 19 minutes
  2. 17 minutes                                    d. 21 minutes                              e. 23 minutes


14. Four buffalos are standing at the edge of a river. They need to cross the river at night. They have one lantern, and the boat can hold only two buffalos at a time. Buffalo E takes 3 minutes to cross, Buffalo F takes 4 minutes, Buffalo G takes 6 minutes, and Buffalo H takes 10 minutes. When two buffalos cross together, they must go at the slower buffalo’s pace. What is the shortest time for all four to cross the river?

  1. 21 minutes                                     c. 25 minutes
  2. 23 minutes                                    d. 27 minutes                              e. 29 minutes


15. A teacher and three students are standing at the side of a road. They need to cross the road at night. They have one flashlight, and the road can hold only two people at a time. Student A takes 1 minute to cross, Student B takes 3 minutes, Student C takes 6 minutes, and the teacher takes 9 minutes. When two people cross together, they must go at the slower person’s pace. What is the shortest time for all four to cross the road?

  1. 19 minutes                                     c. 21 minutes
  2. 20 minutes                                    d. 22 minutes                              e. 23 minutes

Once you are done answering the questions presented, you may click on any of the social media buttons to reveal the correct answers together with the explanations.

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